Jake and Ashley

“Dream Wedding” 

Jake and AshleyA person’s dream wedding can differ from one person to the next. Many people dream of a beach wedding or a wedding in the mountains; I have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. I have dreamed of the sunshine and the wind blowing through. I have dreamed of beautiful flowers everywhere with my friends and family gathered around. I have thought of the silly faces we’d make at the photographer as they capture the intimate moments of two people promising a life together. The most important part of my special day would always be walking down the Isle to the man I would spend my life with. 

Jake Peladeau and I met in February of 2013, shortly after the death of my mother. We started dating in September of that year. Jake left for basic training for the United States Air Force February 4th of 2014. Since then he has been stationed at Barksdale Airforce Base in Louisiana where he works as a Hydraulics Mechanic on B52 Bombers. During this time I have busied myself in the pursuit of a degree in Nursing at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner Massachusetts. 

It seemed that all of my wedding dreams were coming true when Jake asked me to marry him in November of 2016. I began excitedly planning the special day. Many of the details of my dream wedding slowly faded away as the reality of our budget set in. Our outside ceremony turned into getting married in the wedding off-season to save money. Our guest list was trimmed down to family only and the search for a wedding photographer ended much like the previous endeavors. The only part of my dream wedding that has not changed is the man I will promise my life to. This is the most important part. 

The reason why I think I should win this wedding is not because I think I need it or not because I want a handout. It is because this would be my dream wedding. A wedding that would not be possible except for in my dreams. 

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